Wearables & Ethics




Wearables & Ethics

1 May 2019


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Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever-growing field with more and more products and services being connected to the internet every day. As such, according to a report by Internet Society published in 2015, 100 million IoT devices will be connected to the internet with a global economic impact of $11 trillion by 2025.

IoT technologies in general, but wearable technologies in particular, have come under substantial scrutiny in the last couple of years due to high-level security and privacy breaches. As a result, they are often presented in media as insecure and highly risky technologies for personal privacy. Moreover, wearable technologies have the potential to blur the boundaries between machine and human, as demonstrated by possibilities of ‘upgrading’ human skills and capabilities through RFID tags, data mining, enhanced sight and vision through cameras and hearing devices attached to human bodies and other new computing technologies.

With all this in mind, for our May event, we decided to focus on ethics to have a conversation about what kind of ethical visions wearables carry for the future, and how their developers engage and represent those ethical visions in their products. By focusing on the ethical visions of developers, rather than the risks and challenges of the products, we hope to start a new discussion in the field of IoT about how wearables can be done ethically and responsibly. We are bringing together founders, researchers and technologists who will share their stories and views on ethics and wearables, IoT, machine learning, AI, blockchain and everything in between.