WebViews & Firestore For Flutter




WebViews & Firestore for Flutter

15 July 2019


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For July we have Lara and Miquel:

(WebViews on Flutter. Does it really work?){
WebViews are not the most loved UI controllers, but they have been used on Android and iOS for a very long time.
Now we are all building apps with Flutter, so what happened with our beloved WebViews?

Thankfully there's a plugin for that! Come and learn in this talk how WebViews are implemented on Flutter, how they work and what you can do with them.

(Firestore for Flutter){
Firestore is the document based database from Firebase, and it is fully available to use in Flutter.
In this talk, I will show you how Firestore works, how to integrate it with Flutter together with Redux, how to write tests around it and how to handle its limitations.
You will learn from my experience working on a full time project running Firestore on Flutter.