What Is Agile Software Development




What is Agile Software Development

5 December 2018

New York

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This presentation will be a treasure-trove of insights and invaluable observations from two of the software industry's most successful engineers and inventors, Jesse Tayler and Alex Cone. Jesse and Alex share with you the rules and the brilliant plays professionals adopt to win the next-generation software game.

Professionals refer to their playbook. Coaches adopt a repeating process of training and a discipline to continuously compare and improve. In their book, Beyond Agile, Jesse and Alex define the professional playbook and let everyone benefit from their expert knowledge.

Join us at this presentation if you want to succeed in this software driven world, work like the pros and make schedules as calmly dependable as predicting the rising sun.

Main takeaways:
-Discover how a continuous pursuit of quality provides the very energy that ultimately fuels and drives the software cycle
-Craft schedules as calmly and dependably as predicting the rising sun
-Smooth development by continuously comparing and improving with the precision of professional coaches
-Bring confidence and visibility to software construction, to reveal the invisible nature of software
-Build self-governance, authenticity and ownership where Engineers know when they must be the one to make schedule predictions happen