What's New In .NET Core 3.0




What's new in .NET Core 3.0

25 June 2019


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Arrive at 6pm for Pizza and Refreshments. 6.30pm - 7pm Damian Kozlowski presentation on "What's new in .NET Core 3.0". 7.10pm - 7.40pm David Cook presentation on "Dockerisation for .NET Core Applications". 7.40pm - 8pm networking and close. You can expect to meet people interested in .NET the frameworks and supporting eco system. We are a friendly bunch and welcome new people.
On arriving at BGL's HQ building (called Pegasus House), enter the main entrance to reception. After signing in and getting your visitor's security pass, turn left through the security gates and double doors and the meeting rooms are half way down the corridor on your left.
You may want to bring something to make notes.
See you there! #peterboroughdotnet