Why You Should Write Functional C#




Why you should write Functional C#

8 May 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

Functional programming has been one of the major trends in software development over the last few years. Most of the more useful/important new features of C# in the last few versions have been ported from or inspired by features in F# (e.g. Generics, LINQ and Tuples). This session will look how you can utilise core functional techniques like immutable types and pure functions along with a number of functional features added to the C# language over the last couple of versions to produce code that is easier to reason about and less likely to contain bugs.

Ian Russell: Experienced developer with over 20 years on the Microsoft stack from VB6, though .Net from 1.1 and laterly in F#. Active in the .Net community for over 10 years from attending alt.net conferences and NxtGenUG, through speaking at user groups and conferences around the UK to starting and running the CraftyCoders and Warwickshire.Net user groups. I have been presenting sessions for 10 years and on functional programming for over 5 years to whoever will allow the time to listen and learn. I still consider myself to be an alt.net developer.