Women - Successful And Recognised Leadership Masterclass




Women - Successful and Recognised Leadership Masterclass

2 July 2019


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Ensuring you have a recognised voice at the table, standing by your own achievements and addressing situations where you are not acknowledged by individuals or groups as you should have been identified as some of the key challenges that women face in leadership roles.

This programme is designed to overcome and enhance skills already acquired so women can be the best they can be in their role as successful, recognised leaders and inspire and educate those around them effectively.

You will be coached through a high intensity programme with your peers who you can also learn from and be inspired by. You will discover how to address limitations you put on yourself and how to stand out as THE credible leader in any space, no matter how male dominated.






08:45 - Breakfast

09:00 - 1st Part,

10:45 - Tea Break

11:00 - 2nd Part, 

12:30 - Sandwich Lunch

13:30 - 3rd Part,

15:15 - Tea Break

15:30 - 4th Part, 

17:30 - Finish