Womentechmakers Dev Talks




Womentechmakers dev talks

11 June 2019


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Tentative agenda:

18:30 - 18:40 - Check in

18:40 - Talks

20:00 - Networking, drinks, pizza, sweets and snacks.


Speakers of the day (not necessarily in this order):

1. Francesca Cuda: Encrypt your API keys in the repository with Cloud KMS


Francesca is the Tech Director at Ustwo working with a team of talented engineers to launch products, services and companies that have a meaningful impact on the world.

After spending nearly a decade working as a full stack engineer and expanding into the native world, she believes in the power of technology to have an impact on human lives and their interactions.

Francesca worked as Solution Architect and Mobile Lead at The Telegraph and she holds a master degree in Logistic Engineering. In her spare time, she loves running and mentoring young people.

2. Melanie Warrick: 7 pieces of advice changing careers into machine learning


Tech career path advice
I've worked in many companies and industries and my path into technology has not been a straight line. I am sharing what I've experienced developing my career and advice that has helped me get where I am now. The goal is to get you thinking about your career paths in ways you haven't considered.

Melanie Warrick is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google for AI and Cloud, and she regularly speaks about ML including co-hosting for the Google Cloud Platform. She was a founding engineer on a deep learning platform prior to Google and worked on machine learning engineering at Change.org. In another life, she had a comprehensive consulting career leading data management and engineering efforts and before that, she was working behind the scenes in the film industry. She currently serves on the board of Techtonica, a non-profit organization providing software training for underrepresented adults and she has independently mentored 100s of people entering the field. She has a passion for data and sleep.