WordPress Coventry - Meetup




WordPress Coventry - Meetup

6 November 2019


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Wordpress has much to offer to clients but sadly many web designers and developers struggle to sell enough websites to build a sustainable business.

In this fast-paced workshop you'll learn how to make sure your marketing and sales really hit the mark.

You'll learn things like:

- the 3 key things that all marketing messages MUST have (if any of these is missing your results will be poor).

- How to properly turn features into benefits that your prospective clients will want to buy.

- 2 simple (but rarely used) ways of overcoming price objections

- Measuring your marketing efforts to ensure you're spending time and money in the right areas.

- A simple, but highly effective, referral strategy that you can switch on and off like a tap

After this session you should have enough knowledge to put together a solid sales and marketing plan that will enable you to successfully grow your client base and your business.