Workshop: Enterprise Production AI With GCP AutoML




Workshop: Enterprise Production AI with GCP AutoML

1 February 2021


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* pre-event networking (15mins)
* community updates, jobs/interns/talents announcements. (5mins)
* tech talk and Q&A (45mins)

This is 2hour introduction to Product AI on Google Cloud Platform. I will cover the basic components in Google’s latest AI service, AI Platform (Unified). I will walk the audience through two end-2-end production pipeline notebook, showing how AI Platform (Unified) is integrated into enterprise level production.
We will take a look at integrating AutoML, custom training for Tensorflow jobs, deployment to cloud instances, serving binaries, custom pre- and post- processing, auto-scaling, containers and debugging deployed models.

The two end-to-end pipelines we will discuss:
* AutoML Image Classification for online prediction
* Custom Training Raw Bytes (image) Classification
For each pipeline, we will deep dive to:
* Step by step sequences.
* Parameter choices.
* CSV and JSONL dataset (input) and prediction (output) formats.
* GPU and CPU compute and container selection.
* Single device, multi-device and multi-instance distributed training.
* Instance scaling for prediction
* Opinionated tips and best practices for integration.