XTC: Refucktoring




XTC: Refucktoring

4 June 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Refucktoring is a portmanteau of refactoring and fuck. It is the act of refactoring code and making it worse. Many times developers feel the need to needlessly refactor perfectly functional code, sometimes even eliminating functionality. There is an old adage: “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”, and yet, so many of us in many walks of life fall prey to it.

Why can we not resist the simple urge to fix what is not broken? How can we minimise the negative effects? Join us to discuss this

We'll start with a small introductory talk for 5-10 mins. And then go over a few questions and discuss in small groups
Q1) Why do we do it / What are some examples?
Q2) What can we do to stop it?
Q3) What are some of the problems with our solutions?