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Apache Hadoop has been around 11 years now which may make it sound like it should be collecting its pension soon but the jobs demand remains stable and predictions hint that there could even be an increase in adoption over the next year.  It is certainly still a key platform for Big Data with its storage, data processing and ability for vendors to build on it and it looks like that is going to remain.

It’s pretty likely that you’re a developer, data architect, data scientist or someone deeply involved with data and/or machine learning and if the machine learning trend continues we’re going to need even more data scientists to scale analytics efforts and this presents a ripe opportunity for automation through software.  However, businesses are beginning to learn that machine learning and AI can often be just hype without the human interaction.  ‘Hadoop as a service’ providers also offer interesting opportunities for Hadoop in the Cloud with its auto scaling cloud functionality which has big advantages over on-premise providers.  Maybe the future is bright– check out our Apache Hadoop jobs and sign up for our jobs by email to get notified of the latest roles coming through. 


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