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Go or Golang has only been around 5 years since its first release and now we’re at 1.8.  It is thought that Google’s brainchild is the programming language to watch as it is already displacing Node.js for mission critical applications and is being cited as one of the top 10 languages on several language ranking sites.  The TIOBE index has it as the ‘language of the year’ beating Java, C and Python with ‘hardly any competition’.  It is known for its hands on nature and is fast to compile, easy to learn with simple syntax and a feature rich standard library and is becoming vital in the move towards multi-core and concurrent processing especially in industrial settings. Many already use Go with cutting edge tech such as Docker and Kubernetes, and Netflix, YouTube and Adobe are noteworthy users.  And of course, Google give it their support as the parent company. 

Go is having the highest rise in ratings so if you’re already a Go Developer you’re in a great place and if you’re a getting bored or frustrated with Java or Python and want to future proof your skills then Go is a great language to get to grips with especially as it provides a bundled, ready to deploy application for multiple operating systems.  It is becoming so popular that there is even a vibrant community in Siberia! Maybe their mascot, Gordon the Golang Gopher, resplendent in his numerous outfits, has something to do with it.  Sign up for our job alerts to pick up the latest Go jobs as they are certainly going to start increasing


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