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There probably doesn’t seem like there is much we can tell you about Java. It seems that the world and their partner is a java developer, but is it still as popular as ever?  Well actually Java is having a bit of a resurgence from hugely popular to really popular and back again job wise and it still stands at number 1 on the Tiobe Index as the most popular language.  Demand for Java contractors is nearly higher than ever in the UK (only topped by a spike in 2010) and permanent has had a steady rise this year.  So, you’re still in a great market, but what’s new in the Java world?  Well Java 9 is imminent now (July) but is expected to be adopted slowly so you might not have to rush to upskill.  Jigsaw is thought to make Java better in the long run but only if everyone picks it up and migrates to it.  Maybe it's time to look at some of the JVM languages such as Scala, Clojure, Ceylon or Kotlin.  Google has been at war with Oracle and has now classified Kotlin as a 1st class language so if Google move away from Java for Android development then maybe others might follow. The transition away from Java to an alternative is a very long process but there is a lot of talk about Golang being a good move in certain circumstances.  Whatever happens in the long term – it looks like Java is still a keeper so you’re in the best place to check out the best Java jobs in London



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