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You’re already aware of the fast-paced nature of JavaScript and the huge ecosystem that comes with it.  You might even feel a little overwhelmed by some of it -  but how does that help your career and what should you be looking at for your next step?

JavaScript has remained steady at number 7 on the Tiobe Index for popular programming languages and the jobs market is also one of the really steady ones.  Permanent demand has increased very slightly this year in the UK and Contract slightly more with salaries fairly stable too.  So, what should you be learning next from the huge wealth of tech, frameworks and libraries to choose from? 

There has certainly been some stabilisation and flexibility among the web stacks which may provide some great opportunities within the JavaScript eco system to get the best of all worlds when it comes to frameworks and tools.  Angular 2 and React 15.0 releases have provided significant improvements especially around common best practices.  It may be time for you to learn the best uses for Angular and React?

Vue.js 2.0 is getting really popular too especially as Laravel is using it as its default front end framework. Redux (influenced by Elm) or Immutable,js  provide functional programming which might be an area new to some of you. Functional Reactive Programming is also getting popular with frameworks like RxJS and Bacon.js.

Whatever area you decide to specialise in next, JavaScript isn’t going anywhere yet.  So have a look at the jobs below especially where you might be able to pick up a great new skill.



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