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DevOps adoption increased 75% in 2016 and has shown no sign of slowing down this year with widescale uptake and it is now becoming a standard way of working.  Organisations have realised that they must invest in DevOps to be able to compete effectively in today’s digital world and that they must invest in software innovation and release application updates at a much faster pace.  And this is where you come in as companies expand their teams to work on continuous integration (CI), deployment and delivery.

Jenkins, as you probably know, is the leading open source continuous integration tool (a bit like ‘Cruise Control’) which allows DevOps to build, test and deploy software quickly and safely by identifying problems.  Demand is steadily increasing for Java Developers and DevOps with experience of using Jenkins especially as Continuous Integration is beginning to help other trends gain momentum.  Continuous Delivery Deployment and Continuous Delivery both encompass CI addressing what changes after the build loop.  People are moving from CI to Continuous Deployment to help deal with all of the many builds created after continuous integration changes.


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