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Linux is 26 years old now, sponsored by the tech industry’s heavyweights such as Red Hat, Intel, Samsung, AMD and Google, and is no longer a hobby but a serious business. Thanks to Linux the idea of an open-source software ecosystem is still powerful today and as open source has grown, it seems to have happened in sync with society becoming more open.  It is possible that these Open Source, more specifically Linux trends may well have fed off each other. Linux web server and kernel share are now the biggest in the market partly due to Android use.  Whether the Linux kernel remains as popular as it is today let’s hope it’s remembered for creating the possibility of transparency, participation and community in tech and beyond.

Linux has given us the ability to quickly deploy products on low cost, open source infrastructure and now development has started to speed up as more company Linux developers are contributing now whilst the numbers of unpaid developers have dropped.  Demand for Linux developers has actually increased in the UK this year with a leap of 5% for both contract and perm whilst salaries remain stable and it is the 16th most in demand skill.  It is hard to predict the future for Linux but there is certainly demand now – view our Linux jobs below to see for yourselves.


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