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Node.js is a popular yet young technology and growing in terms of community, opportunity, versatility and maturity with version 8 just released. It is becoming more low risk, stable and is now concentrating its efforts on trying to encourage more enterprise users.  PayPal have built critical systems on Node.js and Netflix, Uber and LinkedIn use it in production too.

The Node.js foundation is working on certification to establish a baseline of knowledge so enterprises feel better about the stability of the ecosystem and its developers.  A JavaScript ‘incident’ last year has also started the creation of Certified Modules that will provide a more reliable and secure source for modules.

Node.js jobs are increasing with 5% more UK Contract roles and 3% more Permanent than last year and salaries are increasing slightly too.  There are now more Node.js roles than Ruby on Rails so if you’re not already in your perfect role check out our Node.js roles below


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