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The JAXenter survey for 2017 reveals that NoSQL Data Stores is the number 2 hot topic for IT (ahead of Cloud and DevOps). Thanks to NoSQL data Processing and storage is the subject everyone is talking about because of the possibilities they provide and the fact that they are absolutely necessary in our data driven age.  All of this has led to huge demand for developers with NoSQL skills and demand for Permanent roles has increased by 30% this year in the UK and Contract by 19%.

With NoSQL we are now starting to see a new agile age where databases can be quickly deployed and accessed by large enterprises whilst providing platforms for growth for smaller businesses.  21% of enterprises are now using NoSQL (Unisphere Research) and 19% will start their implementation within the next 2 years whilst a third expect it to have a significant impact on their database operations within 3 years (often alongside Hadoop). 

If you’re a data manager your next challenge might now be how to integrate and transfer data between older RDBMS environments and NoSQL or other newer databases. With that type of experience your future career with NoSQL will be very bright.


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