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OpenStack is one of the leading OpenSource platforms for Private Cloud although the lines are beginning to blur between OpenSource and proprietary nowadays.

Private Cloud adoption as a whole has begun to flatten out over the last year and VMware still leads the way with OpenStack second.  Despite this flattening out of adoption there has been a 44% growth in deployments and there are certainly many benefits to using OpenStack such as providing the efficiency and scalability of public clouds but in a private cloud with the control of on-site IT. 

The Director of the OpenStack foundation, Jonathan Bryce, thinks that the growth in deployments is down to the nature of Open Source communities forming quickly, starting to build the technology and getting to the point where adoption for a number of uses is easier.  Bryce thinks that improvements in the OpenStack definition, community feedback, reduced complexity, cross community work and  easier code contribution for developers were all needed to move Cloud into a virtualised second generation.  Now companies want to add new technology such as Kubernetes or OpenShift to their projects.  Cloud now longer has to be either public or private but can be hybrid or multicloud or even a new remotely managed private cloud delivered as a service.  These improvements have also led to the adoption of OpenStack by smaller companies now.

There appears to be a few dissenters when it comes to OpenStack but maybe they are unfounded after listening to Bryce and as demand for Permanent jobs has increased by 23% and salaries have increased slightly, although Contract roles have dropped 19% yet remain more popular overall.  


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