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PHP developers remain in high demand as 82.7% of websites use PHP as their server side programming language (stats: W3Techs) and developers still rate it highly as the 6th most popular language (Tiobe index).  PHP is also still in the lead position for development in tech start-ups because you can quickly build a viable application in a short time and analyse which way a project should move forward.   

The release of PHP 7 at the end of 2015 should have allowed for major improvements in performance with its optimised memory usage, numerous error fixing techniques and suitability for iOT solutions.  However only 5.3% of websites are using PHP 7 which is surprising at first but there are a number of reasons for slow adoption. 

Issues with backwards compatibility, with the removal of deprecated functions to free up space for new features hasn’t been popular.  It can take a huge amount of time to refactor a large codebase and the worrying possibility that clients will also have to refactor their websites and applications if their framework adopts PHP 7.  Sites such as WordPress are compatible but some of their plugins and themes haven’t been, which have caused serious problems for users who rely on those plugins.  There have also been webhosts who don’t support PHP 7 on shared hosting which has certainly played their part in slow adoption.  When all of these issues are overcome PHP 7 should certainly be the skill you need for the future but how long this will take is unknown.

Demand for Permanent roles is still very strong but down by 1.5% from last year in the UK with salaries remaining stable.  Contract roles are down 10% although pay rates have gone up 7.14%.  There are currently 2.5 times more Permanent roles than Contract.  Stack Overflow show PHP jobs still in high demand in comparison with other key languages in the chart below but this may rise further if PHP 7 adoption grows.

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