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The age of DevOps is certainly here now and all types and sizes of organisations have adopted its practices to deliver better software faster and to prepare themselves to be businesses of the future.  Puppet has had a large part to play in DevOps automation helping deployments move faster without losing stability or security and allowing better software to be released more frequently and with confidence.

Puppet is one of the top 2 DevOps tools currently with a 32% share along with Chef also with a 32% share.  Docker is rising fast with adoption doubling last year to 27% so it probably wouldn’t be surprising if it takes the lead some time soon (RightScale 2016 DevOps Trends Report)

DevOps users tend to use multiple configuration tools according to RightScale and 67% of companies using Chef or Puppet also use another tool such as Ansible or Salt and Docker.  If you want to position yourself as highly marketable it may be wise to gain experience with a variety of these tools

Demand for Puppet skills in the last year increased 7% for Permanent roles with salaries increasing 4.35% on average whilst Contract roles declined by 4%.  Overall the demand is fairly equal across Contract and Perm.


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