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Python is now the 5th most popular programming language according to the Tiobe Index (IEEE Spectrum have it has No.1, RedMonk at No.3) maybe partly due to it being the most popular introductory teaching language and its inclusion in school curriculums in recent years.  It has even overtaken French as the most popular language in primary schools!  We’re waiting for a massive influx of young Python developers at some point soon.  We’re probably going to need them as demand is soaring for Python developers currently with the numbers of Perm jobs rising 24% in the last year and Contract a whopping 53% with increases in daily and hourly rates.  There is approximately 25% more demand for Perm currently but with Contract increasing so substantially it may be a great time to become a Python Contractor if you aren’t currently.

Python is extremely accessible being Open Source with a fully featured standard library, rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks and highly engaged community of data scientists, big data analysts, security engineers, cloud developers and even academic researchers.  It is also popular as part of a broader toolset of languages and applications including Django, MySQL,  Excel, Ansible and Pandas.

It’s going to grow further still with it becoming the top tool that DevOps will be learning this year after Docker.  StackOverflow list it as the ‘most wanted’ language for coders who are not developing with a language or technology but want to do so. It is also key for IoT programming although it depends on the type of device.

Thoughtworks have Python 3 on their ‘Adopt’ radar because it is even easier to learn and use and they think that trends around AI, it’s maturity and architectural approaches such as microservices and containers, have boosted Python in the programming ecosystem and unified scientists and engineers as it is used for both modelling and research as well as final production deployment.


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