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Ruby On Rails is now 13 years old yet remains the 10th most popular language according to StackOverflow but unfortunately has dropped on the Tiobe Index from 13th place down to 11th.  StackOverflow users love it and hate it with almost equal measure and it was the 9th most wanted language this year.  It is Open Source too which means it is very cost effective for buyers.

Ruby on Rails 5 was released in June 2016 and should become more popular this year as it matures with its variety of features.  Turbolinks allow you to create single page applications directly from the Rails stack (no more client side JavaScript frameworks), and ActionCable is an easier way to use websockets to create real time applications.  Developers should now be able to focus more on the appearance of the website whilst the framework itself sorts everything else out and can now easily create API only applications in Rails and connect them to their favourite JavaScript or native frameworks.

There are some that don’t believe Ruby On Rails is so valuable now and are starting to put their money behind Node.js instead.  The demand for Contract roles is down 7% this year and Permanent down 3%  although pay rates for both remain stable.  Let’s see what happens with Ruby on Rails 5 but you can also check out our Node.js jobs if necessary


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