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Salt (or the SaltStack Platform) is an Open Source data-driven orchestration, configuration management software and remote execution engine - all at scale.  It supports the  Infrastructure-as-a-code approach to deployment and cloud management and is designed to help enterprise IT organisations efficiently secure and manage all aspects of the software-defined data centre.

In simple terms it allows you to update all of your servers at once using just a single command rather than needing to log into each one and do those things one at a time.  Salt is similar to Puppet and Chef in that they all allow you to issue commands, install and configure software on multiple machines but is written in Python, more lightweight, very fast and easier to use.  It is Open Source licenced under Apache2 and has a great community of developers involved with it.

If you have Salt skills you’ll be glad to hear that demand for Contract Salt Developers has increased by 27% this year although 72% of the total Salt job market is still Permanent currently.


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