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Apple’s Swift became an Open Source programming language in December 2015 and version 3.1 was released in March.  Swift was introduced to make apps more stable and simplify their coding which has meant developers can master Swift quickly and painlessly.  Swift has a whole set of coding methodologies and frameworks now that are much more inclusive and is both an application and systems language. Swift’s built on the modern compiler infrastructure and developers can write reliable code using XCode tools.

Apple seem to have kept their developers interests at heart by presenting their own languages which may have contributed to Apple’s success.  This year’s StackOverflow Developer Survey put Swift at No.4 in the most loved language category and no.8 on the most wanted. Swift has also moved up the Tiobe Index to number 12 from 14.  All this points to Swift being a language that is really going places.

Swift developers have now distanced themselves from Objective-C and Swift has been adopted as a language in its entirety which has taken over iOS development.  Swift has many advantages such as being easy to read and maintain, with fewer codes required, fast app speed, highly interactive coding and more.  This year Swift has extended to develop apps for iOS, watchOS and tvOS and is suitable for advanced app building so there appears to be nothing holding it back (well aside from Android).

Demand for Swift developers is rising fast too – albeit from a low base – and Permanent roles have increased 14% and Contract 51% to leave the number of Perm and Contract Swift roles in the UK fairly even.   Being a Swift Developer points to an exciting yet enjoyable experience and career which isn’t always available with other languages so ensure that you sign up for our jobs by email to get all the latest Swift jobs straight to your inbox



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