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VMware falls under the Dell organisation now and has dominated the server virtualisation market for years with more than 500,000 customers globally.  VMware creates server and desktop virtualisation software that streamlines IT operations across the general IT infrastructure, in data centres and throughout the Cloud and on mobile.

VSphere is their most well-known product, a data centre platform which is also part of the VMware vCloud suite and it leads the Private Cloud market with 42% adoption this year (down from 44% last year)

The days of domination may be starting to wane now however as Nutanix has become a serious competitor trying to provide a ‘cloud in a box’ solution and Amazon is ruling the Public Cloud market.  VMware’s role seems to now be a seller of Hybrid Cloud software that relies on larger players to provide the Public Cloud.  Saying that VMware had a very good year last year and their NSX Network Virtualisation led the way. 

There are a multitude of threats to VMware’s market with an increasing number of good competitors but there are also some great opportunities for VMware to reinvent itself as some of its newer products are working well.  NSX has the opportunity to help with IT security where there is a lack of current solutions because of its revolutionary way of looking at security.

If you work with VMware you may want to keep abreast of what is happening in this ever changing market and ensure that you update your skills to cover their best products.

Currently, there is still very high demand for staff especially systems administrators and systems engineers to install, administer and support VMware solutions.  Demand for Perm jobs, however, has dropped 11% this year (74% of VMware jobs are Permanent) and Contract jobs by 25% although salaries haven’t changed and contract day rates have increased slightly.


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