DevOps Becoming Even More Essential

DevOps is no longer a new trend but one wonders how many companies have been influenced by the hype without really realising where they should be heading and how. 

Now that many enterprise organisations have started to get to grips with DevOps, the best in breed companies should be starting to move from ‘doing’ DevOps to improving enterprise agility through unifying strategic planning, agile development and DevOps deployment end to end using new management platforms.  It looks like DevOps may be veering towards the new ALM (application lifecycle management) methodology including IoC (Infrastructure as Code) that is a generation on from agile. They should be aiming to view agile holistically rather than in the silos that often currently exist between people, process and tools.  The focus of DevOps performance is likely to change from standard technical stats to measuring the business value for customers through new metrics and insights resulting in improving overall enterprise agility.

If you’re working in the DevOps space as a DevOps Engineer or similar you should have a wide variety of roles to choose from but ensure that your chosen company has a clear vision of what DevOps means to them.  Are they a systems administration group or focussed on automation or a mixture of both? Are your customers going to be a team of colleagues who communicate with you well, know what they want and are enjoyable to work with?  You might be glad to know that demand for Perm DevOps roles has gone up 30% in the UK in the last year although Contract has declined slightly so they are becoming more evenly matched now.


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