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A Technology to Build your Strategy Around

Open Source has become the technology that businesses of all sizes have begun to build their strategies around.  This has been a huge change from the past and the adoption of Open Source software shows no sign of slowing down with 80-90% of all code in modern applications being made up of Open Source code.  This is great news for Open Source developers obviously and with 90% of companies seeing it as necessary for their IT businesses to work well if it looks like you’re going to be in demand for the foreseeable future. 

As Open Source is growing so fast, you’re going to need somewhere to find out about all the latest Open Source trends and that is where Explore comes in.  We will keep on top of the Open Source market and update you with all the latest happenings, from events where you can learn from your peers, the latest tech news and trends, to the best jobs out there in the market (well, we had to mention jobs – it goes without saying – but hopefully we can offer you a lot more than the average recruiter – we’ve even got Open Source jokes).

So – what’s trending now? It’s still all about Linux, Git and MySQL according to TechCrunch’s Open Source Software Index and Big Data is the category that rules the roost. Docker and Containers are an incredibly hot topic within Open Source but so is ‘continuous integration and delivery’ including Jenkins, CloudBees and TravisCI.  In the world of Devops it appears that Maven is the master (or mistress).

The BOSS (Battery Open Source Software) index from Tech Crunch based on Google search activity, Stack Overflow mentions, Jobs impact and GitHub forks, stars and watches 

Companies with an Open Source stack are discovering new commercial success and many open source projects are going to be around for a long time, especially as many top IT execs are now fully supportive of ‘Open Source First’. 

This year promises to be the year where Open Source projects continue to make significant leaps in areas such as security and encryption whilst the lines between Open Source and Proprietary are become increasingly blurred with permissive licences like Apache allowing vendors to relicense as proprietary – Vendor lock out is lurking round the sidelines again. Giant vendors like Microsoft look like they need Open Source to survive with the huge profits they’re making from their solutions that collaborate with it. 

The future looks bright for Open Source



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