Technology will save the UK


The technology or digital sector as a whole is the fastest growing in the UK with 1.64 million employed already and twice as many jobs being created than the wider UK economy. 

The fear that technology would destroy jobs has actually proven to be entirely unfounded and technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed.  A study from Deloitte has shown a fourfold increase in jobs such as bar staff and hairdressers suggesting that technology has increased spending power, created new demand and jobs, and shifted consumption to more luxurious products and services.  The decrease in areas such as agriculture and manufacturing has been offset by the growth in technology, business services, creative and caring sectors.  Machines now take on the repetitive and boring tasks that no-one wants to do any longer but despite this employment requirements haven’t lessened as such in the last 150 years.  Better access to information and changes in communication have revolutionised business and technological progress and have reduced the prices of essentials such as clothes, food and electrical products.  The real price of cars has actually halved in the last 25 years!  All of this has left us with more money to spend on leisure and personal services and an ever changing employment market that flexes to suit the needs of modern day society

You may feel that this year’s tech news seems to have  tunnel vision when it comes to the newer areas such as Cloud, DevOps, Mobile but there is so much more happening out there and old favourites such as Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby often remain just as important as newer skills and languages.   Theresa May is holding the Tech Industry high as a shining light to focus on after Brexit and calls it ‘a great British success story’.  The UK has twice the tech investment of any other EU country and the UK digital economy is growing at twice the rate of the wider economy.  This growth isn’t just in London either but has expanded to key areas of the country such as Reading, Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Belfast, Cambridge, Newcastle and Bournemouth.

Whether you are an analyst, engineer, web developer, software architect or hold one of the many varied roles in the industry you are now seen as a ‘pioneer of our digital economy’ and should hold your head up high.


There are certainly challenges ahead and finding the right staff to allow the Tech sector to grow at the right rate is not going to be easy.  If you’re already a skilled employee you are optimally positioned for the future and if you’re looking at educational opportunities for your future career, Tech is certainly the sector you need to focus on.  Salaries are inevitably going to rise with competition for highly skilled employees heating up so ensure you have the skills that the market demands (sign up for our news and events to keep on top of this).

Employers have already experienced some of their European top talent moving back home from the UK but interestingly the highest proportion of Github users are actually located in London – twice as many as Paris or Berlin or any other European city -  so there is huge potential for the UK to continue leading the way for the future despite Brexit. 

Setting all political opinions and issues aside, the future seems to rely on us – what a great opportunity for exciting careers and lives.  We appear to be inheriting the earth!



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