New York's Tech & Networking Events Guide | 2019

Welcome to our New York Tech, Networking, Startup and Developer Events Guide 2019

Updated August 2019


Our 2019 guide is the most comprehensive list of New York Tech, Developer & Startup Networking Events to be found on the web right now. 

We are committed to religiously updating it every month with the latest conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars, hackathons and more - so you can rely on us to be up to date with the most exciting events in Tech throughout the year

If you're a developer, software engineer, programmer, coder, IT leader, startup entrepreneur or just interested in Tech then visit us regularly to update your skills, ensure that you connect and network with other great New Yorkers, and hopefully have some fun and meet new peers or friends - whatever area of Tech you work in.

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Event Name Date
AV/IT Summit 01-Aug
Data Connectors Cybersecurity Conference 2019 01-Aug
Serverless w/ Gatsby & w/ AppSync + Serverless with Vue JS 01-Aug
NYC Untapped Potential 01-Aug
AI-Driven Emotion Detection 01-Aug
Multi-Cloud vs. Single Cloud 01-Aug
Finding Dependable Go Packages 01-Aug
New York City Cybersecurity Conference 01-Aug
StackSummit: Build The Team 02-Aug
Emerging Trends in the Space-tech Ecosystem 02-Aug
‚ö°Ethereum Blockchain Devs Study Group‚ö° 05-Aug
NY Tech Meetup - Business Networking Event 05-Aug
How to Answer Data Science Questions in the PM Interview 06-Aug
Entrepreneurs Roundtable 133 06-Aug
Focus | AI: Breaking Bias 06-Aug
Two Sigma Open Source Meetup 06-Aug
How Margaret Hamilton saved Neil Armstrong’s A** 06-Aug
Tech & Startups Networking Party 06-Aug
NY Tech Meetup and Summer Celebration 06-Aug
Tech Together Happy Hour - Summer 2019 06-Aug
Flutter Developer Meetup 07-Aug
Embedding Canvas Apps in Model-Driven PowerApps 07-Aug
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 08-Aug
React Hooks - A Deep Dive 08-Aug
Data Science Focus: Problem solving in Finance 08-Aug
Bayesian Workflows 08-Aug
ICECE 2019 8-9 Aug
ThinkEco: Keys to building an IoT HW startup 12-Aug
Learn You Microservices & Job Search Secrets! 13-Aug
NY Info Security Meetup 13-Aug
XLIVE Esports Summit 2019 13-14 Aug
Tech & New York's Manufacturing & Supply Chain Ecosystem 14-Aug
How to Prioritize and Say No as a PM 14-Aug
Securing your services with authentication, authorization 14-Aug
Startup Grind NYC Summer Party! 15-Aug
ReactNYC S3:E5 15-Aug
Design Thinking and PM 15-Aug
NYC Scrum User Group Meetup 15-Aug
Commit Brooklyn 17-Aug
HackerNest NYC Tech Social 19-Aug
Golang NYC Meetup 19-Aug
Large Scale Data Analysis and Organization 19-Aug
Cats Office Hours 19-Aug
HRATG & Future of Work Speaker Panel 20-Aug
NYC Quantum Computing Meetup 20-Aug
Practical Microservices Mesh with Kuberenetes & Linkerd 20-Aug
Open Hack Night Study Hours 20-Aug
VetsinTech NYC 22-Aug
2019 New York Global Innovation Summit 22-Aug
Anxiety Tech 23-Aug
Back to WoRk(flows) 26-Aug
droidcon NYC 2019 26-Aug
React Ladies Summer Social 27-Aug
August Meetup: Women in Analytics 28-Aug
ReactNYC S3:E6 28-Aug
Launching AI Products Without an Engr. Degree 29-Aug
Yakety Hack: Tech Talks and Hacker Challenges 29-Aug
Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit 30-Aug

And please come and say 'Hi' if you see us at an event - we'd love to meet you!

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