New York's Tech & Networking Events Guide | 2019

Welcome to our New York Tech, Networking, Startup and Developer Events Guide 2019

Updated June 2019


Our 2019 guide is the most comprehensive list of New York Tech, Developer & Startup Networking Events to be found on the web right now. 

We are committed to religiously updating it every month with the latest conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars, hackathons and more - so you can rely on us to be up to date with the most exciting events in Tech throughout the year

If you're a developer, software engineer, programmer, coder, IT leader, startup entrepreneur or just interested in Tech then visit us regularly to update your skills, ensure that you connect and network with other great New Yorkers, and hopefully have some fun and meet new peers or friends - whatever area of Tech you work in.

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Event Name Date
New York Flutter Developer Meetup 06-Jun
NYNOG #12 06-Jun
ReactNYC S3:E4 06-Jun
Why contribute to Open Source? 06-Jun
Intro to Git & GitHub Workshop 10-Jun
Outliers: Women Changing the Future of Work 10-Jun
Women Talk Fintech: Panel Discussion & Drinks 11-Jun
Ruby AWS Lambdas and The DRY Principle Is Misunderstood 11-Jun
BigWP June 2019 11-Jun
New York Information Security Meetup 11-Jun
CX NYC 2019 11-12 Jun
Future of Fintech 2019 11-13 Jun
Data That Works 12-Jun
How to Build Lagom Stateful Microservices 12-Jun
How to Create Fun User Experience 12-Jun
Business Development & Partnerships: Advice from Experts 12-Jun
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 12-Jun
Content Creators and Entrepreneurs Networking 12-Jun
Druid NYC Meetup 12-Jun
CE Week 12-13 Jun
Socratic Seminar 93 13-Jun
Tech Diversity & Inclusion Meetup 13-Jun
Applications to Conversational AI 13-Jun
ML.NET In Action 13-Jun
Blockchain Healthcare Summit 13-14 Jun
KubeFlow 15-Jun
Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Mainframes + a little Magic! 18-Jun
Zowe: Modern Z Systems Programming 18-Jun
DeveloperWeek NYC 18-20 Jun
Data @ New York Public Library 19-Jun
Staying Informed with Kubernetes Informers 19-Jun
DeveloperWeek NYC 2019 Hackathon 19-Jun
Leading Design New York 19-20 Jun
EGG NYC 2019 20-Jun
5th RecSys NYC Event 20-Jun
How To Use Analytics and the Cloud  21-Jun
QCon New York 2019 24-28 Jun
Test Leadership Congress 2019 26-Jun


And please come and say 'Hi' if you see us at an event - we'd love to meet you!

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