New York's Tech & Networking Events Guide | 2019

Welcome to our New York Tech, Networking, Startup and Developer Events Guide 2019

Updated April 2019


Our 2019 guide is the most comprehensive list of New York Tech, Developer & Startup Networking Events to be found on the web right now. 

We are committed to religiously updating it every month with the latest conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars, hackathons and more - so you can rely on us to be up to date with the most exciting events in Tech throughout the year

If you're a developer, software engineer, programmer, coder, IT leader, startup entrepreneur or just interested in Tech then visit us regularly to update your skills, ensure that you connect and network with other great New Yorkers, and hopefully have some fun and meet new peers or friends - whatever area of Tech you work in.

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Event Name Date
2019 Digital Accessibility Trends 02-Apr
Web Development Fundamentals 02-Apr
Kaggle NYC - Santander Competition 02-Apr
Increasing Project Efficiency 02-Apr
Disruption Forum - New York Fintech 02-Apr
QueensJS Is No April Fool 03-Apr
Empire FinTech Conference NY 03-Apr
Is Apache Kafka and IBM Event Streams 03-Apr
Designer to Developer Handoff 03-Apr
Drupal NYC Meetup 03-Apr
Where is the data bazaar? 04-Apr
Building a Fintech Startup 04-Apr
App Growth Summit NYC 2019 04-Apr
TechForum's Security Forum 04-Apr
The Tech Advantage Series NYC 04-Apr
Red Team Blue Team Exercise 06-Apr
Code & Coffee - the Bronx - April 06-Apr
Redesign how Immigrants and Advocates Connect 08-Apr
AI & Ethics Community Conference Day 1 09-Apr
Tech Interviews and Live Comedy 09-Apr
Diversity as a Data Science Imperative 09-Apr
How to handle a Spatial DS project&Building 09-Apr
TechDay Meetup # 2 - The Wilson 09-Apr
HAMTs From Scratch 10-Apr
Casual discussion about doing more DevOps 10-Apr
RHEL Performance Features & Tuning 10-Apr
How To Roll Out Your AI Software 10-Apr
Why No One Is Looking at Your Summary Statistics 10-Apr
The Future of SportsTech 11-Apr
Getting Into Data Science, My Journey 11-Apr
Azure Pipelines for Developers 11-Apr
AI & Ethics Community Conference Day 2 11-Apr
Built In Brews at Newsela 11-Apr
Cornell Blockchain Conference Spring 2019 12-Apr
GothamGo 2019 12-Apr
The Black is Tech Conference 12-Apr
International Women's Day (IWD) Celebration 13-Apr
Livestream: Managing Data Science Projects 16-Apr
JC Tech Green Rush v2! 16-Apr
Angular April 16-Apr
Ignite NYC 2019 @ The AI Conference 16-Apr
Cupcakes and Code: A Hacknight 17-Apr
Careers at Startups: What You Need to Know 17-Apr
Solution Architecture 101 for Kubernetes 17-Apr
Financial Services Azure Dev Days 17-Apr
Hands-on Workshop on Blockchain Data & Analytics 17-Apr
AI in Healthcare: Hope or Hype? 18-Apr
ReactNYC S3:E1 18-Apr
Liberating Structures 18-Apr
Code & Coffee - Manhattan - April 20-Apr
HackerNest NYC April Tech Social 22-Apr
Jeff Patton: The Game has Changed 22-Apr
Learn Oracle Database, APEX & Database Cloud 23-Apr
Erlang for Alchemists 24-Apr
Internet of Things to make NY a Smart City 24-Apr
NYVR 25-Apr
IAM User Group Meetup 25-Apr
UnityNYC XR Jam 2019 26-Apr
Optimizing for learning, talking about your work 29-Apr
The Lead Developer New York 30-Apr


And please come and say 'Hi' if you see us at an event - we'd love to meet you!

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