New York's Tech & Networking Events Guide | 2019

Welcome to our New York Tech, Networking, Startup and Developer Events Guide 2019

Updated September 2019


Our 2019 guide is the most comprehensive list of New York Tech, Developer & Startup Networking Events to be found on the web right now. 

We are committed to religiously updating it every month with the latest conferences, Meetups, workshops, summits, seminars, hackathons and more - so you can rely on us to be up to date with the most exciting events in Tech throughout the year

If you're a developer, software engineer, programmer, coder, IT leader, startup entrepreneur or just interested in Tech then visit us regularly to update your skills, ensure that you connect and network with other great New Yorkers, and hopefully have some fun and meet new peers or friends - whatever area of Tech you work in.

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Event Name Date
Algorithm training and study 03-Sep
Progressive HTML, CSS, Javascript/frontend frameworks 03-Sep
Women's Code & Wine Night: HTML/CSS Workshop 03-Sep
How the US Open Uses AI and ML to Solve Challenging Problems 03-Sep
A Library for Handling Large Numbers in Haskell 04-Sep
Impacting Climate Change as Technologists  04-Sep
Cupcakes and Code: A Hacknight 04-Sep
How to use Scala Effectively 04-Sep
Transit Techies NYC #10 04-Sep
The Product Group September 05-Sep
VPC Infrastructure, Security, and Infrastructure as Code 05-Sep
Stellar Development Foundation & Blockchain Innovation Assoc 05-Sep
Tales of Instrumentation 05-Sep
30-Day Plan for New Product Managers 05-Sep
AI in Finance Summit New York 2019 05-06 Sep
Learn Python meetup in Brooklyn 07-Sep
Haskell CoHack 07-Sep
try! Swift 2019 08-10 Sep
September 2019 NY Tech Meetup 09-Sep
Intro to Data Analytics 09-Sep
Pycom’s IoT Workshop 09-Sep
Nano Tech Summit 09-Sep
VR & AR Tech Summit 09-Sep
NodeSchool September 2019 10-Sep
Introducing GRAKN.AI to New York 10-Sep
NCC Group NYC Open Forum at Oscar Health! 10-Sep
Data Governance Fundamentals 10-Sep
Blockchain Tech Summit 10-Sep
Intro to JavaScript 11-Sep
Designing Today's Digital Products 11-Sep
Drupal NYC Meetup 11-Sep
Learning Lambda Calculus With Elixir 11-Sep
JavaScript the Hard Parts: Classes and Prototypes 12-Sep
Serverless NYC 12-Sep
Monads in C# 12-Sep
Design Sprint Ready: Remote Sprinting 12-Sep
Ai Tech Summit 12-Sep
Her Future Summit 13-Sep
React Day New York 13-Sep
How to Build Stateful Microservices 16-Sep
Intro to Decentralized Finance & Financial Derivatives on the Blockchain 16-Sep
Disrupters Discuss Radical Health Tech Innovation 16-Sep
AI/ML in Finance + Breaking Gender/Diversity Barriers Panel 17-Sep
Better Hedging Through Deep Learning 17-Sep
Agile Practitioners Experience Sharing session 17-Sep
How to Write, Debug, and Test Smart Contracts 18-Sep
Quantum Computing Meetup 18-Sep
Golang: September 2019 18-Sep
Learn Basics of Angular 18-Sep
Thriving in Fast-Paced Envir 18-Sep
High & Low Context DevOps Culture 19-Sep
Happy Browser, Happy User! 19-Sep
LeSS Adoption Attempt 19-Sep
BraveIT Conference at the Intrepid 19-Sep
DevFest Bronx '19 21-Sep
Hands-on Intro to Rapid Prototyping 23-Sep
FinovateFall 2019 23-26 Sep
Strata Data Conference 23-26 Sep
.Net Conf Annoucements + Xamarin.Essentials 24-Sep
NYC Quantum Computing Meetup 24-Sep
Data Science Learning Meetup 24-Sep
Are you responsible for building a data platform 24-Sep
MLOps Conference 24-Sep
Introduction to Natural Language Processing 25-Sep
Go for C++ Developers 25-Sep
PowerShell and AWS Back to School 25-Sep
World Responsible Technology Forum 25-Sep
Trading Show New York 25-Sep
Awwwards Conference 25-27 Sep
NYC Developer Meetup 26-Sep
Programmatic SUMMIT NY 26-Sep
React vs. Angular 5 30-Sep
Workshop on Expanding collaboration 30-Sep

And please come and say 'Hi' if you see us at an event - we'd love to meet you!

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