AI In The Enterprise World




AI in the Enterprise World

26 February 2019


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Despite the enormous benefits it brings, some organisations and investors still remain sceptical about AI. How can an organisation get started with AI and where should they invest? This presentation is suitable for a wide audience and there will be an educational part explaining the meaning and relationship between buzzwords such as AI, Big Data and IoT. There will also be a consultation part elaborating on how organisations can get started with AI projects and where they should invest. Throughout the presentation, examples and successful use-cases will be illustrated. Bio Dr Kyriakos Christodoulides is a data-scientist with a background in physics and mathematics and has extensive experience in algorithm development and in supporting technical project communications. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Liverpool, and has held various industrial and academic posts related to data science, applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Among other technical consulting activities, Kyriakos has prototyped novel asset-condition-monitoring algorithms for the Austrian sensor technology company Frauscher. He also developed novel nuclear imaging algorithms for products that are deployed in Fukushima and Sellafield.