Angular January




Angular January

15 January 2019

New York

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🎤 5 Tips to Improve User Experience with NgRx

Alex Okrushko

The performance of the apps is one of the critical factors how the users perceive them. Some of the sources of slowness are waiting for API responses and unhandled error when they fail.
NgRx is the state management solution, and because of the way it is designed, it can help to improve User Experience in many such cases. In particular, I’ll talk about: error handling, store as a cache, and optimistic updates.

🎤 Angular & Wordpress - Practical guide to headless CMS

Nir Kaufman

WordPress is still the most popular and powerful content management system with a massive, robust community behind it. On this talk I’ll show you how to use Wordpress as a headless CMS, and build a modern and performant front-end for it using Angular.