Blockchain 101




Blockchain 101

28 November 2018


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Blockchain can do for business what the internet did for communication. Powering that transformation is Hyperledger, hosted by The Linux Foundation, featuring innovators in finance, banking, IoT, supply chains, manufacturing and technology – including IBM.

Hyperledger Fabric is the first project to move to active status within the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger, emerging as the de-facto standard for enterprise blockchain platforms like the IBM Blockchain Platform and others. Through open source and open governance, Hyperledger Fabric features innovative new capabilities hardened for use by businesses so they can usher in a new era of trust, transparency and accountability.

Use Case: In this workshop you’ll deploy an existing sample business network, the Car Auction network, to the cloud. Once you deploy the sample network, you can start developing, demoing, and staging your blockchain applications on a simulated multi-organization network.

Learning objectives
• Create a wallet in the IBM Cloud using the Cloudant® NoSQL Database service.
• Deploy the Car Auction sample network to the IBM Cloud.
• Start the sample network.
• Expose REST APIs from the cloud for the deployed sample network.
• Generate and run an Angular app that uses the REST APIs.

Speaker :
Mo Haghighi : Head of Developer Ecosystems Group,IBM

18.30 - 19.00 : Registration, Food, Drinks and Networking
19.00 - 21.00 : Introduction, followed by a walkthrough of the Use Case