Blockchain Projects That Actually Built Something!




Blockchain Projects That Actually Built Something!

6 March 2019


Added 30-Jan-2023

This month we take a look at real projects delivering real products.

In a marketplace where the norm seems to be to raise funds and then go quiet or pivot without warning, who has actually gone out there and built something tangible?

This month we will take a look at 3 projects and see a live demo right in front of your eyes and there will be plenty of time to ask some questions, eat some pizza and drink some beer (or non alcoholic alternative, or wine...)

6:30pm - Drinks and networking

7:00pm Opening remarks - Wiser

7:05pm Talk 1 - The State of Blockchain - Angus Maidment

In this talk Angus will cover what it takes to actually deliver on a project and also take a look at some of the less than savoury practices that go on in the industry...

7:15pm Talk 2 - The FINNEY Phone by SIRIN Labs - Alastair Band

Breaking down the barriers of accessibility and ease of use, the FINNEY phone is a fully functioning device running SIRIN OS, the same hyper secure Android based OS used in the Solarin phone, and with a cold storage crypto wallet built in. Alastair will give a quick presentation on the device and the team will be there to show you the handsets in real life.

7:25pm Talk 3 - Kraft Beer - Florian Krueger

‘Craft Beer Coin’ (‘CBC’), debuting in April 2019. The Craft Beer Coin is a transactional, asset backed cryptocurrency that enables fresh local beer purchase via the holders’ smart phone, with each CBC always underwritten by at least one fresh pint of craft beer. The CBC will also help the growth of the global fresh craft beer movement community. Our ‘asset backed’ coins are designed as currencies that enable digital business ecospheres to leverage modern distributed ledger technologies. ‘Asset backed’ means that the coins are not ‘stores of value’ like Bitcoin, but rather are backed by and facilitate transactions around real products and services with a value understood by everyone, such as a pint of craft beer.

Future craft coin offerings will underpin water, foods and other craft products, helping create and distribute quality sustainable products with foundations built around modern digital coins and currencies.

7:35pm Talk 4 - TBC

7:45 - 9:00pm - Drinks, pizza, networking and live demonstrations

9:00pm - PUB!

As always, there will be pizza and refreshments provided in abundance. These are relaxed and fun events where we want everyone to have a good time, come and join the fun!