Building A Startup Engineering Team




Building a Startup Engineering Team

14 November 2018

New York

Added 30-Jan-2023

Hiring for a startup is one of the most challenging aspects a founder will face. Even more so when it’s a non-technical founder hiring for a technical cofounder, CTO, or early engineers.

And even if you have a CTO who can help you hire the best engineers you can, what does it take to scale that team? How do you make the right hiring choices?

On November 14th we’re excited for a discussion on building a technical team from 1, to 10, to 30+ members, and

  • Finding a technical co-founder or CTO
  • Building a technical team
  • Prioritizing what types of developers to hire for
  • Recruiting for developers and engineers
  • Compensating your development team
  • Outsourcing options
  • And much more!

About the panelists

  • Harsh Sinha is CTO at TransferWise and leads a full team of engineers, not just the NY office where he is based, but globally. Harsh has scaled the engineering team extensively and can offer top tips and insights on how to do so. Before working at TransferWise, Harsh headed up all product and engineering for both PayPal and eBay. During his 10+ years at eBay, Harsh worked on scaling systems for large traffic volumes while working in performance engineering, as well as enabling key verticals like Motors, Electronics and Local Commerce. He has also been an advisor to early stage start ups and has been lead on the technical and product due diligence of eBay's acquisition of 2 start ups - Shutl and WHI Systems.
  • Jonathan Salama is the CTO and co-founder of Transfix, a leading online freight marketplace that brings immediate capacity and guaranteed reliability for those seeking smarter, lower cost ways to move freight. Jonathan and and his co-founder, Drew McElroy, are reinventing the $600 billion market through innovative technology and deep understanding of the industry. Jonathan spearheads the powerful logistics tech at Transfix while Drew brings experience from the old-school side of logistics. Through the use of AI and data, Transfix provides instant pricing, unparalleled service, and visibility to top-of-the-line clients including Target, Unilever, Ravago, Staples, and J.Crew.
  • Priyanka Jain is the Head of Growth + Lead Product Manager at pymetrics, an NYC based startup using neuroscience and AI to make hiring more diverse and effective. Passionate about combining tech and social impact, Priyanka is a spokesperson for the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up Campaign, Chair of the Acumen Fund's Junior Council, and on the Innovation Board for the XPrize Foundation. She received her B.S. from Stanford University, where she was President of Stanford Women in Business and one of 12 Mayfield Entrepreneurship Fellows. Her previous experiences have been with IBM Watson, Shift Technologies, Canvas Ventures, and the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. Outside of work, she loves playing tennis and eating anything covered in dark chocolate.
  • Beatrice Witzgall is the Founder & CEO of LumiFi. Prior to LumiFi, she founded I3D, Inc. allowing her to blend her architectural and lighting expertise to create visual designs. In 2014, she founded LumiFi, launching a smart lighting platform that incorporates lighting intelligence into new software. Her patent pending algorithm marries lighting controls with the Internet of Things. LumiFi was selected to be in the 2018 Building Tech Top 50 List and in 2015 was the Hospitality Design Award Technology Finalist. Witzgall is an expert speaker in smart lighting and IoT-enabled lighting.



6:30 - 6:50: Drinks & Networking
6:50 - 7:50: Panel
7:50 - 8:15: Audience Q&A
8:15 - 9:00: More Drinks & Networking