Building Autonomous Microservices




Building Autonomous Microservices

13 February 2018


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Join Denis Rosa, Snr, Couchbase Developer Advocate at this months Couchbase meetup to hear more about - Building Autonomous Microservices.

Abstract: Managing multiple Microservices is a challenging task, especially when something bad happens. In this talk, Denis will propose ideas of how to build and deploy self-healing and highly scalable Microservices using state-of-the-art patterns and frameworks.

We'll have light refreshments to kick off the evening and socialising before hand. If you're interested in giving a talk please let me know.

Denis Rosa- Speaker and Developer Advocate at Couchbase, Denis has been developing software professionally for +14 years. He is a Java Specialist, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, a huge enthusiast of online platforms and an early adopter by nature.