Cambridge Python UserGroup (CamPUG)




Cambridge Python UserGroup (CamPUG)

6 February 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

This is the February CamPUG meeting. Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards.

Hannah Hazi will present "Python as a Second Language":

Sometimes we can learn the most by coming at a topic sideways. Using
examples from code written by people who are getting into Python after
experiences with another language first, we can discover what ‘idiomatic’
Python looks like. By examining some of the most common mistakes we make
when starting out with Python we'll discover some tricks to writing
concise, readable, delightful Python code. The talk will focus on useful
tips for people coming in from different languages into Python land.

The plan is to start with the talk and then have a discussion on people's experiences with moving from one programming language to another, or between programming languages.