CryptoTuesday For Social Good




CryptoTuesday for Social Good

6 November 2018

New York

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Drinks will be served! Extra drink tickets sent to the email.

6:00-630 ---- Networking & Drinking
6:30-6:45 ---- pre-Q/A
6:45-7:45 ---- Speakers
7:45-8:15 ---- Socialize/Network

• Important to know: You will check in on the ground floor, be sure to EVENTBRITE so that your name is on the list. // CryptoTuesday for Social Good is hosted by Crypto Oracle.

CryptoOracle is a VC focused on investing in the greatest Crypto companies in the world (i.e. those leveraging blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, zero proof knowledge, and decentralization). In addition, CryptoOracle provides Crypto Advisory services and aggregates Crypto Media assets.

Keynote Speakers

John P. Ruane

11-time Emmy Award winning Producer and Founder of Counterweight Productions who brings over 30 years of experience in the media business including 25 years at NBC Entertainment, NBC TV Network, and NBC Sports as a producer, director, and executive in charge of key operations and production elements of highly-rated, prestigious, telecasts. Shows included the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta, and Sydney, numerous NFL seasons and Super Bowls, Major League Baseball and World Series, NBA series and Finals, Championship Tennis events such as Wimbledon and the French Open, and U.S. broadc of the World Cup to name a few.

Over decades of broadcasting human interest narratives for the Olympic Games and other properties, John honed his skills in discovering, developing, and weaving together dramatic story elements into vivid tapestries of sports storytelling.

He subsequently received an Emmy Award for his work outside of sports and NBC for producing the public television special “Voices in Conflict

Since his retirement from NBC in 2007, John has created original entertainment concepts and is studying the business of independent production, finance, and distribution.

These projects are aimed at global audiences and include The Beautiful Game Series® about Brazilian soccer and culture.

John’s many interests extend to fostering services that will assist select sponsors in cross-cultural strategic marketing of entertainment products. John strives for shared understanding and an ethical compassionate life.

David Shi - VP, Moeda.

After getting his Masters Degree, David became interested in blockchain - he firmly believes it can be a major breakthrough after the invention of Internet. When he came across Moeda’s philosophy of doing social good with cutting-edge technology, David immediately embraced it and joined Moeda.

David earned his B.S. from Penn State in 2014 on Actuarial Science and received his M.S from Columbia University on Enterprise Risk Management.

Moeda is a blockchain powered impact investment banking-as-a-service platform that empowers small-scale entrepreneurs through digital innovation and on-the-ground community support systems.

Moeda's aim is to enable: a mobile-powered, community-focused lending platform, which allows individuals to establish credit profiles and reputations through establishing digital identities on blockchain that contain trustworthy and immutable records and contracts.

Moeda also provides a platform through which UN sustainable development goal impact loans can be made and monitored.

CryptoTuesday For Social Good is a monthly meetup featuring a speaker or panel comprised of those leveraging blockchain technology to make extraordinary communal advancements in our world.

This event is guided towards learning the inspiration behind the project, to learn about the obstacles those behind the project have faced, and the ones they seek to overcome.

Guests are encouraged to connect with one another in an effort to create inspirational dialogue around ideas for future social good advancements in our society