CyberSecurity’s Expanded Ecosystem




CyberSecurity’s Expanded Ecosystem

4 April 2019

New York

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To stay competitive and focus on business goals, it is common practice for a business to utilize third-party solutions for non-core business activities. However, the proliferation of SaaS providers offering low-cost and easy-to-adopt technology solutions can cause a business to unintentionally suffer from vendor sprawl.

The impact of a third-party solution to a business’s security posture cannot be understated. Numerous security breaches can be attributed to weaknesses introduced using third-party solution. The use of third-party solutions can have an unintended impact to a business’s cyber-security ecosystem.

Likewise, federal and state regulators are increasingly focusing on third-party technology vendors and the part they play in cybersecurity programs, creating additional regulatory risk for businesses. Proper management and monitoring of third-parties are an essential security control for today’s modern business.

We will explore topics such as third-party risk best practices, shadow IT management, vendor contracts, and impact of regulatory requirements.

This panel and networking event is part of The Tech Advantage Series NYC recently announced by leading IT Services provider Optimum Partners DWC LLC in association with leading law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP, cyber-security consultancy Radical Security and IT infrastructure management firm Cynertek Solutions.