DevOps Playground Edinburgh




DevOps Playground Edinburgh

30 October 2018


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Welcome to Part 2 of our DevOps Playground with Zalenium!

As this is a hands-on session, please remember to bring a laptop with you to the Meetup.

If you missed Part 1, then please see our ReadMe and PowerPoint slides:
This will provide you with an overview of Zalenium.


In this Playground we will expand on what we explored during our first hands-on experience with Zalenium and demonstrate how Zalenium can fit into your Continuous Testing process.

Our practical activity will involve creating a Jenkins pipeline to:

- Set up dependencies.
- Start Zalenium.
- Run our test suite in Zalenium.
- Generate reports based on test results.

This will provide us with a true end to end Continuous Testing process.