Digital Transformation Online Summit | 2018




Digital Transformation Online Summit | 2018

1 - 2 October 2018


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Enterprise Mobility Exchange is bringing together IT and Digital Transformation professionals and industry thought leaders in a live, free, 2-day ONLINE summit to explore the opportunities and challenges businesses are facing on their Digital Transformation journey.

Digital Transformation; the term has infinite meanings and has been slapped on the front of every marketing copy since its inception.  We’re told it’s crucial to modern business, the driver of revenue and to ignore it is to alienate customers and employees alike.  But how do you design a road-map for something so slippery?  How do you turn general hype into specific action points and create a digital transformation strategy that drives revenue, increases productivity and ensures employee and customer satisfaction?

Digital Transformation Online Summit 2018 cuts through the noise and discusses the practical steps to achieving Digital Transformation.  Free to attend, this live event unites speakers and delegates from across the world this October.  It’s our aim that by the end of the online event you will be able to build a digital road-map for your enterprise, measure your current transformation progress and understand the top benefits and barriers to successful digital transformation.