Git And GitHub For Beginners: Learn To Collaborate With Github




Git and GitHub for beginners: Learn to collaborate with Github

4 March 2021


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You've heard about Git and GitHub and you know that's a hot topic for developers? You'd like to finally know what's a 'commit', a 'push' or a 'conflict'? This is the right workshop for you!

What you will do:

• Init a repository

• Do some commits on master

• Introduce the concept of branches

• Push the code on GitHub (with remotes)

• Talk about team collaboration and Pull Requests

How to prepare?

🌟 Have your own laptop fully charged

🌟 Install any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)

🌟 Create an account on Github ( to save time!

🌟 Download Sublime Text, a text editor specially designed for programmers

Looking forward to e-meeting you! 👋

Le Wagon team.