Global Game Jam 2018




Global Game Jam 2018

26 January 2018


Added 20-Jan-2023

Game Jam 2018 at City, University of London. Do not worry if you cannot make all 3 days, feel free to drop in and out depending on your schedule. 

The room is a large open space with lots of natural light. We will be also providing wifi access (eduroam and a guest network) and a projector to showcase your games at the end, so all you need to bring is your own laptop or desired workstation or gadgets.

The room will only be available up to 21:00 every day since the building has to close, but you will be able to come back the next day as early as 09:00 and resume your work.

We are situated opposite a Sainsburys and there are other fast-food shops in the vicinity of the university.