JavaScript Mini Bootcamp: Fundamentals II




JavaScript Mini Bootcamp: Fundamentals II

30 June 2018

New York

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At this workshop you will solidify your understanding of basic JavaScript, building up to the point that you are comfortable problem solving by writing simple functions with conditionals and for loops, as well as comfortability in working with arrays and objects.

This is a highly interactive course that uses exercises and projects to drive home these JavaScript Fundamentals. You will finish this course with in-depth knowledge of some of the most important aspects of the language.

Note: Attending this workshop and the Fundamentals I workshop meets the prerequisite requirement for Hack Reactor’s Structured Study Program

Topics covered:

  • Arrays, Objects and Advanced Functions

Who this workshop is for:

This workshop is for beginners with very little JavaScript experience. You should complete the prerequisites listed below before attending this mini bootcamp.


Hard Requirement: Understanding of Conditionals, Loops & Functions

Note: You can attend our Fundamentals I workshop to learn the hard requirements for this workshop.

Strongly Recommended (1): Watch and Code up to and including “Interlude - Data types and comparisons”

Strongly Recommended (2): First four chapters of Eloquent JavaScript

What to bring:

Students will need to bring their own laptops! Windows, Mac or Linux will do it!