JavaScript Night #2




JavaScript Night #2

13 November 2018

New York

Added 20-Jan-2023

This month, we'll spend some time on a workshop on VueJS.

What you need: Make sure you're running the latest version of nodejs (or at least 8.9+) and VueJS (3.0). For those of you using a Mac and have the homebrew package manager, simply typing:

brew update npm

should get you there.

Then, install vue cli and zeit's now service with:

npm install -g @vue/cli now


yarn global add @vue/cli now

if you're using the earlier version of vue-cli, uninstall it first with

npm uninstall -g vue-cli <== note the difference in name


yarn global remove vue-cli


6:00pm - Welcome / Networking
6:30pm - VueJS workshop – Alim S. Gafar

This month we'll some key features of VueJS by building a Pomodoro or a voting application (you'll choose) and hosting it on Zeit. It's a hands-on event, so you will be coding. After this workshop, you will understand:

* what VueJS is,
* how to build and pass data to VueJS components,
* what Zeit now is, and
* how to deploy javascript applications using now's cli

Alim S. Gafar is a technology evangelist specializing in voice, blockchain, AI, mobile, and JavaScript. He consults at DIRA Market Dynamics, a market discovery and development firm.

7:30pm - Managing a Successful Open Source Project – Justin Krup

We're adding a new format to our meetup – the interview. Each month, we invite a developer to discuss a project that has some deep meaning to her or him. While we'll often focus on open source projects we'll also consider talking about products that significantly affect our community (like Slack or Jira). Send us contact info for anyone you think we should interview (and tell us why).

This month, we talk to Justin Krup about meteor-now, and what defines a successful open source projects.

Justin Krup is the author / maintainer of meteor-now a popular cli tool on npm for deploying MeteorJS apps. He has been a full stack developer for several startups and now works as a senior engineer for

8:30pm - Post-meetup: The Crooked Knife, 29 E 30th Street New York, NY 10016

See you there!!!

• What to bring
Bring your own laptop to get the most out of it :-)

• Important to know
You'll need to provide your full name in the RSVP for building security.