London Ruby User Group Meet Up




London Ruby User Group Meet Up

8 January 2018


Added 30-Jan-2023



Our first meeting of 2018 will be a slightly different kind of thing. Instead of talks there'll be a quiz. We did this in 2007 and 2013 so if you attended those you'll know what to expect. If not the details are below


The quiz will be run as 5 separate rounds. The first four are themed on the words in LRUG (London, Ruby, Users, and Group). The 5th round is a picture round which will be given to each team to complete throughout the evening and marked at the end. The picture round questions will be based around the same 4 themes as the other rounds.

  • Round 1: London

  • Round 2: Ruby (more community and history than technical details)

  • Round 3: Users (famous and historical people)

  • Round 4: Group (music)

  • Round 5: picture round

Each round will have 10 questions, but there'll be bonus points available throughout the quiz for exceptional answers.


  1. Teams should have no more than 4 members (we may adjust this up or down on the night depending on attendance or prize divisibility).

  2. Utilising internet devices to obtain answers is strictly forbidden - we expect you to use your onboard brain, not your outboard one.

  3. The quiz master's word is final in any disputes.