MTM#56: Joshua Weiss




MTM#56: Joshua Weiss

8 November 2018

New York

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Joshua Weiss is an entrepreneur with several success stories under his belt. He will talk to our Morris Tech Meetup community about the many businesses that he founded, his experience acquiring outside capital, the obstacles and challenges overcome and how his latest company is using AI, machine learning and data science to help his marketing clients find actionable and unique insights.

He may even tell a story of how he chased down an international money scam and found the actual perpetrator!

In his early twenties, Josh secured over $3 million in institutional capital for his first startup, a national roadside assistance firm, which he grew to one of the largest in the industry.

He has sold product in thousands of retail locations including Target, Staples, Walmart and others.

Josh’s first mobile app was arguably one of the first ever conceived, which was called TravelerSOS. It was so popular that the app was built into Palm’s release of the Palm7X, Palm Computing’s first wireless handheld PDA.

Josh is the founder and CEO of TeliApp (, an actionable data insights software company specializing in deep machine learning with a focus on human behavior prediction and applied behavior analysis. Through Josh’s efforts, TeliApp was named the Rising Star Company of 2015 by the NJ Tech Council, a leader in NJ technology. Josh was a 2017 Technology Finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and TeliApp has been a repetitive winner of software development, app development and iPhone development awards from Clutch from 2016 through 2018.

Josh heads TeliApp’s strategic vision and initiatives of the company and has broad knowledge and skills in marketing, strategic planning and business development. He’s an accomplished leader in sales, has achieved seven-figure revenue growth, national market penetration and several successful product launches.

Josh’s experience in business operations and software development is also extensive. Josh is actively involved in all layers of the company’s software development initiatives. Over the course of his career, Josh has conceived, designed and structured the UI/UX and technical specifications of dozens of advanced proprietary, comprehensive, self-directed and interactive computer applications for Windows, Android and iOS. In addition to mobile, these include enterprise sales applications, customer service applications, various reporting systems and a unique anti-fraud program for both credit card charges and pre-paid card usage.

Josh holds several patents and has been quoted in publications that recognize expertise in startups and technology, including Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, Forbes, Time, NPR (National Public Radio), BYU Radio, NBC Online, CBS News MoneyWatch, SmartCEO Magazine, CSO Magazine, Bank of America, Information Week, PC World Magazine, NJ Tech Weekly and many others.

Agenda for the evening is as follows:

6:30 to 6:50 Pizza & Networking
6:50 to 7:00 Updates
7:00 to 7:10 Audience/Member Announcements and Requests
7:10 to 7:25 STARTUP: SpectraSpray - Janet Ryan
7:25 to 7:50 TECH PRESENTATION - Tahir Masood, VP of Technology of How Companies using Office 365 can maximize their investment and use the technology beyond just Emails
7:50 to 8:50 KEYNOTE Presentation: JOSHUA WEISS of TELIAPP
8:50 to 9:00 Q&A and wrap-up

After 9:00 Drinks at Vanderbilt's in the Hamilton Park Hotel 175 Park Ave Florham Park, NJ 07932 - Just exit through the Florham Road / Park Ave exit of FDU and you will see the Hotel on the left before you reach Park Ave.