October D3.js Meetup




October D3.js meetup

26 October 2018


Added 30-Jan-2023

The October meetup is being held as part of MozFest House, an extension of Mozfest in central London (https://mozillafestival.org/house).

Alison Benjamin (https://twitter.com/hey_benjamin), developer at BBC News, will present techniques to improve accessibility on D3 charts using ARIA table semantics.

Martin Burch, WSJ dev and author of a tweet you might have seen (https://twitter.com/seecmb/status/1003951628062425089), will give us ways to tear apart D3 and pick up only the stuff that you need—all without having to learn quantum physics.

Antonio Pacheco from Ubiquis Consulting will introduce us to dynamic simplification, an advanced mapping technique to render detailed vector maps on demand. He will teach us how he went from simple blocks and Stack Overflow to a custom integration in a real project.

We will also have a show and tell space where anyone will be able to present their latest project or discuss new graphics.