27 - 28 November 2018


Added 20-Jan-2023

OnlineTestConf is an initiative to bring all the advantages of attending professional QA related conferences: personal learning, networking etc. without the shortcomings of scheduling, expenses and travel. Attendance at OnlineTestConf is free and meant for anyone who sees themselves involved in testing and the testing community.

Why an Online Testing Conference?

Because it makes sense!
Not everyone can take time off their work, or pay the costs of physical conferences, and as much as we would like to our employers don’t always want to send us to learn new things and to improve our skills based on the knowledge of our peers.

Because we need it!
As much as there are conferences that try to share their presentations with others who could not attend, it is not the same. Live events will never pay enough attention to their online audience, and so we want to make an event that is focused solely on the virtual attendees.

Because we can!
Today we have the means (technologically and logistically) of organizing an event of this sort and share it with the community. Something we could not really do even a couple of years ago.